Spec Browser

This site is a basic interface for viewing the library of spectra we have stored on Ziggy.

The idea is that we've tabulated all of the spectra metadata for Shane/Kast, Keck/LRIS, and potentially additional instruments.

This will enable some useful query operations that cannot be done if we simply have the metadata stored on the filesystem in manifests.

For instance, not only will we be able to retrieve all the observations for a given night, but we will also be able to query on an object by object basis and get all the data for a particular object, retrieve all the calibration data for a given night, or around a specified date, build a library of 'good' calibration data, and many other operations. In essence, this is a very adaptable framework that will enable complex SQL queries to be run against our spectral database. This can also be generalized to actual data products, if that is something we want to pursue in the future.

Note that this interface is a demo of our production version; in practice we have 100+ nights of data spanning hundreds of targets and tens of thousands of images. I've uploaded a couple of nights of data to demonstrate the basic organization of the data and the quality flagging functionality; the current quality flags are not representative of the actual data quality!