I'm Jon and this is my website! Here's my Github and here's my resume.

I have some apps I maintain for fun that you might find interesting.

Otherwise, here's a list of my more interesting posts:

Bringing it Together: Go, SQL, Code Gen

Hot damn, I think I have the PERFECT workflow to building an application!!! Ok, probably not, BUT I have settled on what I think is a pretty straightforward process that lets you build things real fast.

Kubernetes: Part 1

Welp, I finally took the Kubernetes (K8s) dive. This post is basically going to be my “lab notes” from the experience, so don’t expect too much expository prose.

Workflow Series: Apache Airflow

Good day to all! My release schedule is a bit all over the place, so this is either the first or second post in my Workflow Series that shows you how to get up and running with popular workflow engines.

Observable Plot for Fast EDA

Hello again! I’m really excited for this post; I’m going to be showing off a powerful visualization package called Plot (docs here), which is a JavaScript plotting library that came out of Observable.

Minimal Go HTTP Servers

Hi there. In this post, I’m going to go over a couple snippets of minimal HTTP servers that I use from time to time when I’m tinkering with Go.

Python Geographic Plotting

G’day everyone! The topic of this post focuses on geography related plotting strategies. Specifically, I’m going to show you how to get started making your own beautiful visualizations in Python so you can avoid the methods that require heftier buy-in like D3 or some dashboarding toolkits.

Snippets: JWTs and Go

Hello again. To start off the new year, I’m going to do a “Snippets” post focused on using JWTs in Go.

If you're just browsing around, I've included a few sections along the top to help show what I've gotten up to over the years:

  • Posts: all my posts chronologically ordered. Many of these are just snippets I've decided to write up, others are small hacking projects I've documented for posterity's sake. Here are my posts organized by tags.
  • Publications: papers from my Ph.D. days (mostly about galaxies, exploding stars, and black holes).
  • APIs: neat APIs I've built to showcase small tinkering projects..

Feel free to take a look around, email me with questions (brojonat on most platforms).